Web Interface

This section explains the purpose and functionality of the PEPPER Web Interface tool (PWI). The PWI is a web tool enabling users to create accounts, add medical data for each account and then accessing pages for displaying and analysing data.

Although the application can be used for the analysis of medical data in general, most of the functionalities implemented in PWI are tailored for diabetic patients.

PEPPER SERVER APPLICATION (PSA) CASE-BASED REASONING ENGINE Revise & Retain Web-based Clinical Interface Data Analytics Data Export PEPPER MOBILE APPLICATION (PMA) INPUTS Glucose Measurements (CGM) Activity Data (Activity Band) User Manual Inputs (Graphical interface) User Demographic Data BOLUS INSULIN RECOMMENDER CASE-BASED REASONING ENGINE Retrieve & Reuse SAFETY SYSTEM MODULE 1 Predictive Glucose Alerts and Alarms MODULE 2 Predictive Low- glucose Basal Insulin Suspend MODULE 3 Adaptive Carbohydrate Recommender MODULE 4 Dynamic Bolus Insulin Constraint OUTPUTS Handheld alerts/ alarms and carer alarms (SMS) Insulin suspension pump command Rescue carbohydrate recommendation Insulin bolus recommendation